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Health, Safety and Environment
Health & Safety
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Teacher: Online Efiko

Health, Safety and Environment

The safety and health of your employees and customers and the state of your business environment has a direct impact on the success of your business; occupational safety and health hazards can occur that will leave dire consequences for your business and the environment. As a business owner, you are obligated to ensure the safety of your staff and customers by implementing the necessary safety checks and mitigants.

The Course is delivered in seven modules:

 Module 1: Introduction and History of Occupational Health

Module 2: ILO Guidelines for Managing Health and Safety in Organizations

Module 3: Overview of Occupational Safety and Health in Nigeria and Role of Stakeholders

Module 4: Occupational Hazards

Module 5: Occupational Diseases

Module 6: Personal Protective Equipment

Module 7: Identification of potential hazards and their health outcome in different workplace

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