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Human Resources For your Small Business
Human Resources and Learning
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Teacher: Online Efiko

Human Resources For your Small Business

Having engaged, productive and culture aligned employees are the best assets you can have in your business. But managing employees is certainly not an easy task, you need to take the time to build your capacity in Human Resources Management and create sustainable systems for managing people in your organization.

The Course will be delivered in fifteen lessons:

Lesson 1: How to Manage your Human Resources

Lesson 2: Designing your Organization

Lesson 3: Planning your Staffing Needs

Lesson 4: Creating Job Descriptions

Lesson 5: Recruitment & Selection

Lesson 6: Onboarding & Selection

Lesson 7: Employee Development

Lesson 8: Making Training Work

Lesson 9: Performance Management

Lesson 10: Managing Rewards & Remuneration

Lesson 11: Managing Employee Careers

Lesson 12: Managing Change

Lesson 13: Talent Management

Lesson 14: Succession Planning

Lesson 15: Managing Exits

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